Preliminary birthday gift for the lovely uranchan, which should have stayed between us; but it’s her birthday and she threatened me, so here it is…

viva la sterek

  October 16, 2014 at 09:37pm

Something old and horrid for the lovely uranchan

because I promised


Woodkid - The Golden Age (Feat. Max Richter)


Yoann Lemoine aka. Woodkid has premiered the title track to his debut album ‘The Golden Age’ along with another one of his breath-taking videos to accompany the track.

The video for the song is nothing short of visual brilliance and documents the beauty of youth and corruption of childhood innocence.

The video begins with the creation of a man and transposes to reveal the boy that once was, still lying within, dormant. The visuals then flash back to the mans childhood, black and white like a distant memory, as we observe the events and characters that shape his life.

Once again, Lemonie has triumphed with his cinematic visuals and orchestral soundscapes.

Truly moving work! 

More Woodkid here:

Winner of the 2014 World Cup: Germany
fourth World Cup victory.

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deer prince aint havin your silly nonsense

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- Commander…
- Kaidan. Go. Now.

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What do you have against mages?


bad posture